Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful: Day 13

Well, I've covered all of the biggies.  My faith in God, my husband, my kids, family,  & friends.  I could spend the entire month of November posting about the abundance of blessings that they (all of above) provide on a daily basis but those are the major things I blog about regularly.  I'm going to spend the rest of the month blogging about "life's simple pleasures".

Today, I'm thankful for music.  I do NOT  have one musical bone in my body.  Not one. As my dad says, "I can't carry a tune in a bucket."  But--I'm glad someone has musical talent because music is a blessing to me daily.  I start my day, everyday, listening to music.  Usually with a cup of coffee and my computer or bible, I listen to music.

I like all types of music but I spend most of my time listening to Christian music.  It keeps me calm and helps me stay sane.  Plus, it allows me memorize Christian principals that I can apply to my daily life.  Like music, I'm also NOT blessed with the gift of memorization.  "They" (pastors, christian leaders) says it's important to memorize scripture but I'm not good at it. So, Christian music helps me with this.

My 2nd favorite type of music is Country.  I love me a good Brad Paisley or Kenny Chesney song.  :)

When I'm running (which isn't as often as it should be) I like to listen to some hard rock.  There's just something about songs with a good beat to inspire me to keep truckin' despite my I-think-I-might-die-before-mile-one attitude.

Music is a such a blessing.  Thank you for the pleasure of unlimited listening!