Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessing: Our little mess!

It's easy to fall into pity party trap.  Especially when things aren't going well.  We had a stressful week this week and last, that is no secret.  I'm thankful, though, that we're able to get up, dust ourselves off, and move forward.  It might not have been easy...but we're doing it.

Here is a song we heard when we were getting ready for work this morning.  It's SO true:

Even though our day to day lives may be stressful with "stuff"....we're blessed!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blessing: A Savior and Music

It's been a rough week at the Barber house.  So far this week, we got a very (large) unexpected bill from the IRS due to a "mess-up",  Alexis has been sick, school has been stressful AND....we found out tonight that the house we're renting is now under new ownership and we have to get out soon.  (sigh)  That wouldn't be a huge deal except there is literally NOTHING else in town to rent.  Nothing.  We are 1 of 3 families in town "homeless" in the last month.  We could use prayers please.

I'm trying to look for the positive in these situations...

I'm thankful for a savior because someday NONE of these earthly things will matter.  I'm also thankful for Christian music.  It helps me stay sane.  Here is my latest favorite Christian song.  Love it (thanks Nadine)!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blessing: " Teacher Parents"

Having parents that are both teachers can be somewhat a blessing and a curse.  More of a blessing than a curse, of course.  I'm sure our kids will disagree during their teenage years but they'll someday be thankful.  One of the blessings of having "teacher parents" is us knowing the value of reading.  Our parents both tried to instill this in us as young children and it wasn't until adulthood we really learned the value of it.  Thanks mom and dad!  

Because reading is so valuable, we kept summer reading calendars for both Kenley and Alexis. At summer's start,  they each got to pick out a "reward" to work for.  If they read 20 minutes a day and/or 100 books, they could get their rewards at summer's end.  Kenley picked an overnight with Joshua (which I have no pictures of) and Alexis picked a new Build-A-Bear (imagine that!).  This girl is in love with stuffed animals.  She's spent most of her childhood playtime playing with her stuffed animals.  The only other thing she really plays with is her Barbie Dream House so I don't know why we even keep the other 8,359 toys around.  Here is Alexis reaping the rewards for reaching her summer reading goal.  Way to go Kenley and Alexis.  You will appreciate this someday, we promise!  :)