Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summa, Summa, Summmmmaaaa TIME!

Have I mentioned how much we love summer???!!!   June proved to be a very busy, yet relaxing month. We did a ton of fun things and are so sad it's already over. I did a little better job taking pictures this time but still forgot my camera when we went to Des Moines...bummer! Some of our summer fun this far has included, softball and baseball games, pool time (it's been a great summer for the pool), Rachel and BJ's wedding, RiseFest (festival of Christian bands--awesome!!), VBS, golf league, "mow-mow" and tractor rides, helping Papa with farm chores and of course, remodeling our house.

We are still staying with my parents while our kitchen is being finished.  The kids LOVE it here.  I have a feeling it will be hard (especially for Austin) to move back to town again.  We have decided maybe we will just finish up the remodeling projects and put our house back on the market again. It's just too good living here.  JUST KIDDING, mom and dad.  We will be out by next summer, we promise.  ;)  Ok, all kidding aside, we are putting the remodeling into turbo drive.  Most likely, Justin will be done with baseball this week and he can then take the many, many hours he's been spending on the baseball field and turn them into remodeling hours.  He's going to be a pro by the time he's done.  He is learning how to do everything from friends so it's been a slow process but he picks up things quickly.  I can't wait to post another DIY update.  Soon! 

Here is the proof that we had a ton of fun in the month of June!

Alexis and Kenley doing their morning reading....together on this day.  Aw!
The kids and I dancing with the beautiful bride
1999 grads at Rachel's wedding
Alexis is front and center at Natalie Grant concert.  What a great of my all time favorite singers!
Our family at Risefest
Lazy summer mornings are the best!
Lots of kids activities at Risefest
Mother/Daughter/Son night at Golf Leauge
Alexis after her last day at VBS
One of the many fun things to do on Grandma and Papa's farm
Watching the baseball game in 100 degree heat...we brought fruit cups to keep us cool!
The kids LOVE to ride the "mow-mow" with daddy to drag the field
He will take a mow-mow ride anytime!
Helping Papa cut the hay
My animal-loving kids holding a baby chicken at the farm
Daddy and his kids during the national anthem of a baseball game
I wish I had a nickel for everytime he asked to "go Daddy's dugout" this season.  See...he's in HEAVEN!
Little Diva loves her pool time!