Friday, January 13, 2012

31 Days of Nothing--Week 2

Our 2nd week of the No Spend Challenge is OVER. This week was a little bit easier, mentally, than last week for some reason.  I think I got used to the fact that I don't HAVE to spend money on something to satisfy that little shopping craving I get.

Here's how our week went this week:

1.  Grocery shopping:
Friday 1/6--spent approx. $40.  This is sort of a big cut of our $100 budget but I got chicken, pop, a TON of produce, and diapers.
Today 1/13--spent $34.32 but again, I stocked up on some rock bottom prices, (chicken, onions, ragu)  and got since we haven't been eating out, I got groceries to make a "fun" meal at home--gyros.

2.  I sold some more things on a Facebook Garage Sale site and on total sales so far are close to.....drumroll please....$450!!  My goal was $250 so I am very happy with my progress.  I still have more that I plan to list on Ebay this weekend.

3.  We put $35 in gas in our car.  This is the first we've had to put gas in all month so I'm happy with our gas conservation.

4.  We did buy some girl scout cookies today.  I'm a teacher and 3 of my students are selling them...and they are my husband's favorite so that set us back $10.50--I'll count that as grocery budget.

5.  We also joined a fitness challenge that we're having through our work.  We're looking at it as more than an investment because there are cash rewards $300, $200, and $100.  I'm confident we will win.  That set us back $20.

Overall, I'm happy with our progress. I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy the Girl Scout cookies, or not, but since they only come around once a year, I went ahead and bought them.  That was our big "splurge" for the month.  No eating out, which has been HUGE for us.

We've also been down with the stomach flu this week but I'm thankful none of us have required a doctor visit.  I keep praying that we stay healthy for the rest of the winter!


Michelle said...

Wow! Great job selling stuff. I really should do that. And good luck with your fitness challenge! Sounds fun. :-)

Dannette said...

I totally forgot about those Facebook swap pages! What a great idea! One of my goals was to make some money on some of my unused "stuff". I'm going to check it out now!

Kimberly said...

The girl scout cookies would have gotten me too!