Friday, January 6, 2012

31 Days of Nothing--Week 1 is harder than I thought to not spend ANY unnecessary money.  This truly shows me how much money we squander on little things that don't matter.  We did make it the whole week without spending any money, yahoo!  I'm especially proud of my husband.  We had two professional development days at work that we typically eat out with co-workers and he came home to eat both days. That's HUGE for him because he's naturally a spender.  Great job, honey!  :)  Plus, we've attended 2 basketball games and it's usually nothing for our family to drop $5+ on snacks and drinks at a game but we didn't spend any. 

On Wednesday, I attended a professional development class with co-workers in Storm Lake.  I did eat out but I didn't count it because I get to turn in my receipt at work for reimbursement.  Justin goes to one of these on Monday and he will do the same.

I just pray that our family stays healthy and there are no extra, uncontrollable expenses this month.  Last January, I found myself at the doctor with our kids, both needing Tamaflu medicine costing upwards of $200.  I've been praying we steer clear of any doctor bills like that this winter!!

I am running to get groceries tonight and Hy-vee has milk, cheese, and some produce on sale.  Plus, our stockpile of diapers is out.  I have a raincheck for $5.99 huggies + a coupon so it should't take too much out of our budgeted $100 for the month.  I'm pretty sure I can still stay within our budget. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  In addition to saving money by not spending, I'm making a little cash by selling unwanted things.  So far this week (and part of last) I've sold $236 worth of kids clothes, toys and shoes.  This cash is very motivating for me to take more pictures this weekend and get more listed.  I can't believe how much "extra stuff" we've got sitting around.   My goal was originally $250 but I think I'll smoke that.  Maybe I'll up that to $300.  :)

I'm excited to see how everyone else's 1st week of the "nothing challenge" went!


Jennifer said...

Way to go on making money AND not spending money. My dh goes out with coworkers on those professional days as well. It doesn't happen often though so I usually don't say anything. maybe once a year for him? Now if it were regular...

~Sara said...

Way to go! You did awesome. Fridays my hubby usually has lunch with the guys and he skipped today and brought a sandwich from home. I was very proud!

Great job selling stuff. That is funny cause I just listed some stuff on our swap for sale. I didn't sell near as much as you did. I made $17 last week! LOL oh well. Making money is better than spending it.

Look forward to hearing how next week goes. Thanks for linking up!

Michelle said...

Wow! Great job!! I have not sold anything...but I did manage to (finally) send back one of my daughter's Christmas presents that was broken. Didn't count the postage because it will be reimbursed. Also, I took back a couple extra gifts I had purchased {in case} that I didn't end up needing! I also didn't ask my husband about his spending. He got half of his "blow" money this month. I have a hard time getting him to go along with things like this, but I didn't give him his whole allowance... ;-)
Excited to see how you do next week!