Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frugal Tuesday Tip

One of my favorite local Blogs, Learning the Frugal Life, hosts a Frugal Tuesday Tip.  I've never joined but in addition to joining her 31 Days of Nothing Challenge, I thought I'd join for fun this week.

This month we're not only trying to not spend any unnecessary money (regular monthly bills) but we're also trying to 1)reduce clutter and 2)make a little $ on some things we no longer need/use.

My tip this week is to buy things worth value at a garage sale and/or thrift store and sell them at a higher value. This week, I listed a Coach purse on Ebay. It was one I got last summer for 50 cents at a garage sale.  I'm not sure if it was fake or authentic and I said that in my Ebay listing.   It sold this week for $65!!  That's a $64.50 profit.  I was super excited.  I haven't done this too often.  Most of the time I just buy things at a garage sale that my family needs and will use but in the summers when I'm off of work, I should do this more often.

Including my purse sale, I've sold nearly $450 worth of things that were just sitting around our house or in tubs being stored.  I still have quite a bit to go but it's $$ that will go toward our "get-out-of-the-trailer" fund....aka:  Down payment on another house. 


Dannette said...

I have tried Craig's List a few times and I have had some success, but the time involved waiting for people that don't show drives me bonkers! Do you ever have that issue??

juliecache = Julia + geocaching said...

wow, that is awesome. I use ebay and to a lesser extent, amazon. Thank you for joining our Frugal Tuesday Tip. Maybe you could enter our giveaways next week?