Thursday, November 11, 2010

BIG Blessing

As I said in my last post...when I started this blog, I wanted it to be some sort of a running record of my daily blessings. I went away from blogging for awhile (due to the time commands of working full time with 2 little ones plus moving) but I'm coming back to blog because I know my blessings overfloweth! Also, the group of bible study girls I've connected with here in Newell all started a blessings book (notebook) to write down blessings and as they handed me mine, I realized...hey, I can just BLOG my blessings because I had started the blog already anyway!

One BIG blessing that I encountered this past Friday (11/6) was to step away from an accident that could have been horrific. On my way to Des Moines, I rolled our little Dodge Neon. The car was totaled, glass was everywhere, the scrapbooking stuff I had in tow was spread out in the ditch and field among the accident yet I walked away untouched. I had a HUGE hedge of protection over me that day. In fact, I knew it the minute my car landed and I realized what had happened because in the front seat of my car was my school bag with my laptop, school papers and my bible zipped in its case. The entire bag flew into the back seat but somehow the bible tumbled out, thunked me on the leg, and left the only bruise I received from the whole incident. Now, THAT's a blessing. Thank you God. You are good. I appreciate you giving me more days to live and enjoy my family before I come to your eternal house! I'm SO blessed!