Sunday, May 3, 2009

Humbled beyond words....

Yesterday was a very special day in my life. Our family was chosen as the 2009 Ambassador family for the March of Dimes and we had our annual March for Babies walk. It was the most beautiful day and we were surrounded by all of our friends and family. What more could I ask for? Since we were the ambassador family, part of our "duties" were to speak to the crowd before kicking off the walk. So--I got up on stage to say a few words before getting going and I was speechless. Not only was I bawling like a big baby, I was so humbled and amazed by a flood of emotions, I stood silent for what seemed like ten minutes. As our "Team Alexis" crew (of over 100 people) cheered us on stage, I felt so humbled. It felt as if we had FINALLY "arrived" with all we'd gone through with Alexis.

I remember very vividly sitting in her NICU room with her over 4 years ago wondering if my heart would ever heal. It was so painful to have a preemie in so many ways...and I knew the pain wouldn't go away the day we took her home. I remember very vividly taking her to doctor appointment after doctor appointment in her first few years of life. She had 9 different doctors she was seeing at one point so our appointments were not few and far between. It was painful watching her get poked and prodded and pricked time and time again. I could go on for years about the different emotions I went through in her first few years of life. But---it is NOT about me. It's about taking what we've experienced and using it to help others in our situation and help prevent others from being in our situation.

Even though the whole reason behind "why we walk" isn't about me, I must admit...yesterday was VERY healing for me. It was great to have people who had been with us "through thick and thin" when times with Alexis were tough. It was great to look out into that crowd and see other preemie mommies who have been there and decided they, too, are doing what it takes to prevent prematurity.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out yesterday and helped "Team Alexis" and all of the other family teams at March for Babies. We also thank God because although all of the medical advancements certainly helped to keep Alexis alive, we KNOW she would not only she wouldn't be as healthy as she is today, but she probably wouldn't even still be here had it not been for MANY answered prayers! Praise God!!! I say it all the time but I really mean it....We're SO very blessed. :)