Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

It hit me today that Alexis has said SO many funny things in her life and I can't remember what 99% of them are because I never write them down. I'm going to blog tonight about a few of the funny things she's said this past week and then continue to add to it so someday I can make some scrapbook pages out of her funnies! Here are a few to start...

Funny #1: Grandparents day...3/24/11. Alexis brought my parents to my classroom to see me and I had stepped out for a minute. She asked one of the students in there where I was and the student said "I don't know" in which Alexis replied in her dramatic voice. "UGHT OH...THIS ISN"T GOOD!"

Funny #2: Papa Cy's Birthday 4/1/11 Alexis asks how old papa is going to be. Grandma Robin replies, 84. Alexis goes..."80, 90, WHOA..that's almost 100"

Funny #3: In the car 4/2/11 Alexis..."What does Italian mean".
Mommy~ "Being Italian would mean that someone from your family would have been from Italy." (followed by some explanation about family heritage"
Alexis~ "What language do the Italian speak"
Mommy~ "Italian".
Alexis~"What's Italian."
Mommy~ "It's a different language that I don't know."
Alexis~ "hahahaha(lots of giggling) You don't know the Italian language???"
Mommy~ "Nope"
Alexis~"Are we Italian".
Mommy~ "No, we're German...Papa's grandpa came from Germany"
Alexis~ "Oh, what language do Germaneese speak?"
Mommy~ "German...Guten Morgan....then I start reciting the German alphabet and told her I learned that in 7th grade"
Alexis~ "BAWAHAHAHAHA. 7th Grade?? You're supposed to learn the alphabet in KINDERGARTEN!!!"

Funny #4: In the car 4/2/11 After having a conversation about whether Uncle Mud would give her a ticket or take her to jail for not wearing a seatbelt she says "No, he would never do that because he knows us but MOM, Let's face it.... just follow the rules so we don't have to DEAL (in her dramatic voice again) with that."