Saturday, March 19, 2011

How blessed am I?

There are an abundance of reasons why I am blessed but here are a few that are on my heart tonight..

1. My kids. They are so cute and so well behaved. We are SO blessed.

2. Alexis' health. We almost have lost her several times. Doctors told us she may never walk or talk. They were certain she'd have learning disabilities. I listened to them but knew God answered prayer. He is so good and we are SO blessed!

3. Alexis' ability and desire to learn. She's obsessed with her teacher. She's obsessed with school. She's obsessed with reading and writing. She may not be the valedictorian someday but I have to admit that I was one proud mama last week at conference time. It was more than difficult to hold back the tears as her teacher showed us her perfect (kindergarten) report card. I know, it's just kindergarten and a lot can happen in the amount of time she has left in school. However...those 130 days in the hospital were LONG and I wish I had a nickle for how many times they tried to prepare us for the fact that her problems would interfere with her learning someday. God is SO faithful and we are SO blessed!

Alexis with Mrs. Wells...her kindergarten teacher.

Proof that she loves her teacher....and loves to write! I find these notes all over the house on a daily basis!

That is all for now. I am thankful for SO many things but these are just a few of the things on my heart for tonight.