Monday, June 4, 2012

Blessing: Busy, Busy Spring

We had one of the busiest spring times ever.  It was overwhelming and exhausting all at the same time but as I take time to reflect upon it, I realize we are very fortunate to have had the opportunities we had.  I'm thankful for our health to be able to run and do all of this and SO much more!  Here is a recap of the last 2 months. Sadly, I was too busy being caught up in being busy that I forgot to get my camera out at many of the events.  Lesson learned!

March 19: JR High track started (J and I co-coached boys and girls)

March 28: Close on new house

March  31: Move out of the trailer 
(forgot to take pics--oops!)

April 1: Celebrate my Grandpa's 85th Birthday
             Grandpa with the newest member of our family, cousin Ashley's beautiful girl, Mia

April 5-10th:  Easter break from school, house remodeling/painting (post w/pics on that soon), fun with the kids, Austin's 1st haircut and Easter celebrations.
                      Austin's 1st haircut.  By none other than Grandma Robin. Such a little man!
                    Alexis checking things off of her nature scavenger hunt list--our "spring break fun"
                    Alexis and Kenley. 7 and 9.  Holding hands headed on the nature scavenger hunt. Aw!
Alexis is SUCH a good big sister.  Pushing her brother on the swing enjoying some beautiful Iowa spring weather.
 Alexis and some of her 1st grade buddies at the NGSC Easter Egg Hunt
 Austin and Daddy hunting for eggs too!
Daddy helping Alexis with the loot
Joshua, Kenley, Alexis, Austin and Saif at Grandma Donna's Easter Egg Hunt.

April 14: Alexis soccer games (every Saturday) started

April 15th-28th:  Track meets, soccer practice/games, prom, + crazy busy at school for both J and I.

(once again, should have taken more pictures!!)

April 28-May 12th:  More soccer, track meets, Justin started baseball, Alexis starts softball, church service project, quick lunch with a friend, Alexis recognized for a writing awards at Quint County Banquet, more painting/remodeling, confirmations, and more.  Phew.

May 13th: Graduation (we were invited to 28 parties--the joys of being teachers) and Mother's Day.

 Kids and Daddy let mommy have some quiet time.  They went squirrel hunting.  Oh joy!
 Kenley and Alexis with Grandma Robin on Mother's Day.  What a great grandma!
Papa and Austin getting ready to do cow chores.  Papa is his FAVORITE and cow chores take a close 2nd.  :)

May 14-18:  Last week of school (and was CRAAAAZY busy), soccer, track award party, baseball, softball, sweet friend Rachel's wedding shower, State Track meet (2 days), end-of-school-year celebration.

 Rachel and Andrew (school friend) at their school wedding shower
 Alexis at the last-day-of-school-celebration!
 The NF girls (+ Coach Davis) who participated/came to watch the Mustang State Track participants
Our first trip as a family to watch State Track

May 19-May 31:  Finishing up loose ends at school, Alexis softball games (we met up with Ashley and Cade at one!), Justin's baseball games, last soccer game, more Grad parties, a trip to Des Moines with the kids AND a trip without, garage sales, bonding with a few dear DSM friends + Brenda's family and Grandpa Cy, Joshua's track meet, Annual Memorial Day Nieland family fishing trip. 

 Little brother doing what he does best at sissy's events.  :)
 Cousins after the last soccer game!
Family time is the BOMB.COM, mom!
 The boys doing their thing
 Alexis choose to fish by Uncle Aron and "Aunt" Crystal all day because they let her cast all on her own.
Before a softball game at a sweet park in Washta, IA.
 She's a good little hitter!  It still overwhelms me to even see her out there.  THANK YOU JESUS!
 Austin and his buddy Cade.  They are one year apart to the day.  Aw!
 The Barbers at Alexis' softball game.
My dear college-friend Ashley and her adorable son, Cade after the softball game.

 What a speedy little thing (even in the pouring rain!!)

Phew!  There you have it and now you know why I haven't updated in 2 months! Let's just say I have leaned on the verse Matthew 11:28 quite a few times.  "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

It's been crazy but I look forward to a little down-time this summer to finish up house renovations and spend some (much needed) quality family time.  We are excited to get our house done but we are not going to let it overtake the priority of family time so stay tuned for house posts....coming soon!


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